Our Focus Is Transparency., Quality., Communication., Affordability.

Here at DNS Media, we hold our primary focus on the things that important to our clients. We take pride in providing service that not only exceeds the quality of our competitors drastically, but we offer it a fraction of the price.

What Do We Offer?


It’s necessary for you to know exactly what you’re paying for. Unfortunately, many companies make it difficult to get this kind of information. Total transparency is something we take great pride in.


In an industry that changes constantly, technology related business aspects need to be taken care of constantly. That’s why we offer top of the line quality. We also like to make your website look like a meme with yellow text.


We cater to the needs of our clients, including the cost-related aspects. We provide our services at a competitive price, beating out everyone else on the market except we’re five and can get sued.

What Makes Us Different?

DNS Media was founded on the idea of creating an hassle free, more understandable, and more affordable alternative to the current market. So far, we’ve done all those things not only better than we hoped, but with more memes included.

Faster Response Time*
Higher SEO Ratings*

*Based on real data from the performance of our current clients’ past partners!

Pressing Words Since 1 Month Ago™

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